Three Choirs Festival Association

The Three Choirs Festival is a venerable coming-together of people from the three cathedral cities of Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester to produce an annual programme of choral and orchestral music, chamber recitals, cathedral services and more, rotating between the cities on a three-year cycle. Until very recently, the festival was entirely produced by the voluntary committees in each city, who together form an Association, which today is the company that produces each festival.

In the last few years, a small professional management team has been employed by the Three Choirs Festival Association to work with the Festival Committees to ensure that a three-centuries-old institution is fully equipped to flourish in the future.

The central and vital role played by volunteers gives the Three Choirs Festival a character and an atmosphere like none other. It is widely recognised for its friendly welcome, its historic appeal, and the clear sense that, perhaps more than any other classical festival, it truly belongs to its audience.