Cavatina Tickets

CAVATINA Free Tickets

Thanks to the support of the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust, 8-25 year olds can claim free tickets to the following chamber music events:

Saturday 24 July, 3pm

Bliss Clarinet Quintet

Saturday 24 July, 9.45pm

Fiddlers Three

Monday 26 July, 5pm

Philharmonia Young Artists Recital

Monday 26 July, 10.15pm

Ludwig: Concerto quasi una fantasia

Tuesday 27 July, 4.15pm

Beethoven Reflected

Wednesday 28 July, 4.30pm

Troubled Times: Beethoven, Wordsworth and the French Revolution

Wednesday 28 July, 9.45pm

Fair Oriana: Silver Baroque

Friday 30 July, 4pm

James Gilchrist: Sixteenth-Century Love Songs

Saturday 31 July, 3.15pm

Joby Burgess Percussion Collective