U30s Tickets

Under 30 years old? You can get £5 tickets on the door of festival events. Turn up half an hour before the start time and provide proof of age to get the best available ticket for a fiver!

We believe there’s something for everyone at the Three Choirs Festival and want to make festival events accessible to all. If you want to discuss the concert, the ticket scheme or the festival, please call our friendly ticket office on 01452 768928 or email

Useful information

  • Excludes events where food is provided
  • Proof of age must be shown at the time of booking
  • Some events sell out in advance – tickets will not be held back for these events. When they’re gone, they’re gone!
  • Standby tickets may only be used by the named ticket purchaser and may not be resold
  • For events in Gloucester Cathedral, you’ll need to pick up tickets from our onsite ticket office in Wardle House rather than at the door of the cathedral.


CAVATINA Free Tickets

Thanks to the support of the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust, 8-25 year olds can claim free tickets to the following chamber music events:

Sunday 28 July, 4 pm Madeleine Mitchell
Monday 29 July, 4.15 pm Philharmonia Young Musicians Recital
Wednesday 31 July, 11 am On Wenlock Edge
Friday 2 August, 11 am Mendelssohn's Octet
Saturday 3 August, 4 pm Dr K Sextet: Storytelling