About Amy Dickson: Solo Sessions

Amy Dickson

TradShe moved throʼ the fair 3’
Sir James MacMillan
From Galloway 4’
Syrinx 3’
CPE Bach
Sonata 10’
Ross Edwards
Crow Dance 5’
Stuart Greenbaum
(Carry me) across the water 5’
Katia Beaugeais
Re-emerging 7’
Moody Bird in Space 5’
Toby Young
Ralph 4’
Matthew Hindson
Heroes 4’

At the start of the pandemic, Amy Dickson asked her composer friends whether they
would like to write a short piece for solo saxophone, to reflect upon their feelings at
that time. By the end of the project, she had recorded 29 new works for solo saxophone alongside interviews with the composers. This recital showcases some of these exciting new works in a programme celebrating the colours and mood of the solo saxophone.