About I Fagiolini: Re-Wilding the Waste Land

I Fagiolini

Jessica Walker narrator
I Fagiolini
Robert Hollingworth director

O Vos Omnes 3'
Deus, venerunt gentes 13'
Rowarth Deus, venerunt gentes 3'
God’s Grandeur 6'
Caligaverunt oculi mei 7'
Joanna Marsh
Geocentric 5'
Vaughan Williams
Silence and Music 6'
Ecce quomodo moritur 6'
Shruthi Rajasekar
Ganga’s Peace 5'
Joanna Marsh
The World is Charged 8'

Inspired by T.S. Eliot’s ground-breaking poem The Waste Land, written 100 years ago in the wake of the catastrophic upheavals of the First World War and the ‘Spanish Flu’, ‘Re-Wilding The Waste Land’ explores cycles of renewal in both creation and creativity.

Now reeling from our own pandemic and mindful of David Attenborough’s ‘witness
statement’ plea to Re-Wild, I Fagiolini and their imaginative director Robert Hollingworth lead us on a journey where desolation flowers into an outpouring of music and poetry. Framed by portions of Victoria’s Tenebrae Responsories, music spanning five centuries illustrates Elliot’s text – from the despair of Byrd’s Deus, venerunt gentes to Leighton’s rapturous setting of God’s Grandeur; the text reflected in a final message of hope and renewal in Joanna Marsh’s The World is Charged.

Supported by Jeremy Wilding and Sue Vaughan in memory of Dorothy Wilding