About Quo Vadis

Jess Dandy

Rebecca Hardwick soprano
Jess Dandy contralto
James Oxley tenor
Alex Ashworth bass
Three Choirs Festival Chorus
Philharmonia Orchestra
Adrian Partington conductor

Dyson QuoVadis 100'

‘Holy is the True Light, and passing wonderful’ – George Herbert Palmer

Setting a patchwork of English poems, including Blake, Wordsworth and Shelley, as well as biblical texts, Dyson’s Quo Vadis explores the nature of life and thoughts about what follows death. Deeply affected by his experiences in the First World War, Dyson writes with feeling and meaning in this thought-provoking work. Originally written for the Hereford Three Choirs Festival in 1939, its performance was cancelled because of the outbreak of war. The first complete performance finally took place in Hereford in 1946 when the festival resumed after the war.

In tribute to the life and achievements of former Trustee and Treasurer, Sandrey Date (1944-2020), The Sir George Dyson Trust has generously supported this performance of Quo Vadis and financed the creation of a newly edited full score and set of orchestral parts.

We gratefully acknowledge the Three Choirs Festival Patrons and supporters of the Tercentenary Appeal