About Two Souls in One

Painting of Catherine of Alexandria

Tim Bannerman, Hilary Markland narrators
Hereford Chamber Choir
Anwen Thomas, Esther Beyer, Gabriella Jones, Anne Denholm harps
Sam Bayliss organ
Simon Harper conductor

Robert Peate
Two Souls in One 65'

Inspired by carvings in nearby Dore Abbey, Two Souls is a musical narrative which combines the stories of Hypatia of Alexandria, an extraordinary woman who was greatly respected in the ancient world, and Saint Katherine, whose story reflects Hypatia’s. Although set in antiquity, the themes of the narrative turn Alexandria into a symbol for our world today and give a message of contemplation, understanding and respect over fundamentalism and mob-rule.

This performance is generously sponsored by the RVW Trust and the Elmley Foundation