Vacancy: Creative Leadership Trainee

Gloucester Culture Trust is funding four one-year creative leadership traineeships in four of Gloucester's leading creative organisations and we've been selected to host one.

The Opportunity

We want to create a core group of creative people and transform them into our future leaders. People who will be able to inspire and lead organisations so that Gloucester can continue on its journey to becoming a distinctive, quirky, edgy and fun, community-based city in which to live. People who can make more opportunities like this one and inspire further generations of home-grown creative talent. We are after four people with a link to Gloucestershire who are ready to step up to the plate and learn how to become a creative leader whilst getting paid. The opportunity is for people from, living in or with a connection to Gloucestershire (i.e. went to University or College here). We only have four placements and there will be a formal recruitment process. 

With a salary of £17,500, 25 days paid holiday + bank holidays and up to 10 days of personal development training and experiences, plus mentoring from an experienced leader in your placement organisation. As part of the role you will form part of a new network of emerging creative leaders who we hope can influence the cultural development of the city. The roles are full time, mainly office hours with occasional evening and weekend work required for projects and events.

Our Project

Do you have a way with words and love telling people about events you’ve been to? Do you have a curious mind and like to discover new things, with a passion for live events? The Three Choirs Festival has a large and loyal audience, but we’re interested in exploring how we can tell the story of the festival in a different way to reach new audiences.

We believe there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a live performance, but we’d like to see the festival through the eyes of someone who doesn’t know it like we do. We don’t expect our Creative Ambassador trainee to have a background in classical music: you just have to be interested in discovering more. The traineeship will begin with an opportunity to get under the skin of the organisation, learning about everything that goes into producing our festival, and a hands-on, total immersion into the festival at the end of July.

Then, with access to our extensive archive, you’ll be given a brief to ‘re-voice’ the festival experience and our long history in a way that makes this exciting event approachable and relevant for a new audience. We would like our digitally-savvy trainee to get under the skin of the festival and shine a light on its relevance to a younger generation of digital natives through the creation of original multi-media output (photography, video, podcasts etc). Now in our fourth century, the Three Choirs Festival offers a wide range of choral, orchestral, chamber, jazz and world music as well as theatre, talks, exhibitions and workshops over the course of a 70-event week at the end of July.

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Please return your completed application form to James Garrod by 12 noon on Friday 5 April 2019.