The Dean's Blog

Follow the Dean's progress as he walks the Three Choirs Way this week: covering 90 miles between our three host cities.

Day 1

deans blog 1

Setting out from Hereford with Poppies in the background. Accompanied for first mile by Howard and Heather and John and Averil.


deans blog 2

My companions and I part at the pub and I walk on!


deans blog 3

St Nicholas Chapel, Checkley


deans blog 4

Jennifer Bury cycles out from Ledbury to share a mile or so of the journey...


deans blog 5

...and takes photo of the walker with Ledbury in the distance.


deans blog 6

Rather underwhelming today but 'The Wonder', pictured here is the scene of the 1575 Slip when Marcle Hill moved a mile over three days and caused a mini rift valley.


deans blog 7

New born lambs play in the fields near Aylton


deans blog 8

Ledbury - day 1 completed - 15 miles?


deans blog 9

...and a welcome tea with Lady Gill Curtis in Ledbury!


Day 2

deans blog 2 1

Setting off from St Michael's Church, Ledbury


deans blog 2 3

St John the Baptist, Eastnor


deans walk 2 5

Visited Bircher House at Eastnor en route, to see Pauline. Last October I officiated at a wedding blessing at Eastnor Church for Pauline and her husband, Ray, on their 44th wedding anniversary.


deans blog 2 6

Crossing from Herefordshire to Gloucestershire over the ford.


deans blog 2 7

Bromsberrow Church - lovely medieval stained glass.


deans blog 2 8

St Bartholomew, Redmarley


deans blog 2 9

...and the story of St Bartholomew in stained glass...


deans blog 2 10

Masses of bluebells in the hedgerows all along the walk


deans blog 2 11

Hartpury - the medieval tithe barn, once owned by St Peter's Abbey, Gloucester.


deans blog 2 12

Hartpury - even in the smallest village, the Roll of Honour from the First World War contains many names.


deans blog 2 13

Hartpury - the famous bee shelters


deans blog 2 14

The River Severn comes into view


deans blog 2 15

Arrive at Gloucester Cathedral and am welcomed by the Dean, Stephen Lake. A busy day there, with installation of a new chorister at Evensong and The Princess Royal expected for an evening function for St George's Day.


deans blog 2 16

Project Pilgrim at Gloucester is coming to a conclusion and magnificent it all is:
- wonderful landscaping in the Close
- beautiful new inner south porch
- splendid new welcome area and interpretation throughout the building

Congratulations to all - a huge transformation!


Day 3

deans blog 3 1

Setting out from Gloucester - rainy today!


deans blog 3 2

Wonderful tithe barn at Ashleworth


deans blog 3 3

Ashleworth Church


deans blog 3 4

Inside Ashleworth Church. No carpets, I see - the church is prone to flooding.


deans blog 3 6

On to Deerhurst, with its two Saxon churches - this one is Odda's chapel dating from the 1060s.


deans blog 3 7

 And the Priory church itself dating from c. 800.


deans blog 3 8

Wonderfully lit Saxon font


deans blog 3 9

And delightful beast heads carved either side of the door.


deans blog 3 10

Deerhurst isn't just Saxon - the sanctuary furnishings are a rare survival of 17th century woodwork.


deans blog 3 11

David Coulton, an old friend and one of the clergy at Tewkesbury Abbey walks with me from Deerhurst to Tewkesbury.


deans blog 3 12

And there's a welcome from old friends at the Abbey!


deans blog 3 13

I always love the Easter Garden at Tewkesbury Abbey - life sized and beautifully lit.


Day 4

deans blog 4 3

deans blog 4 2

deans blog 4 1

After three days walking I've covered 45 miles but back in Hereford on Wednesday. Visit of Sophie, Countess of Wessex to see Poppies and to spend time with the wonderful ladies who were part of the ammunitions team during WW2 - what a great record of service and how lovely that they're at last being recognised. HRH was lovely with them and her visit was hugely appreciated.


deans blog 4 4

Still in Hereford and visit of Hambleden Valley Singers for Evensong. Our saint, Thomas Cantilupe was baptised in St Mary Hambleden Bucks in 1218 - so 800 years ago. Each member of the choir was presented with a specially designed pilgrim badge and is wearing it in the photo - taken at shrine of St Thomas. The Friends of Hereford Cathedral will visit Hambleden in August and renew baptism vows at the same font!


Day 5

deans blog 4 5

Back on the road after excitements of Hereford yesterday! Today Worcester to Upton - just 10 miles or so... Janet Harvey walks with me for a while and sees me out of Worcester!


deand blog 5 2

Kempsey Church with blossom everywhere


deans blog 5 3

I love these 18/19th century tablets - they commemorate such amazing paragons!


deans blog 5 4

Arrive at Severn Stoke - in the churchyard there is a medieval cross with an aperture in base where the consecrated host would have been placed during the procession on Palm Sunday - a rare survival.


deans blog 5 5

Today's destination - Upton-upon-Severn and the Pepperpot on the riverside.


deans blog 5 6

The Pepperpot was the tower of the parish church replaced in the 1870s. The present church has this contemporary metal sculpture by Anthony Robinson - meant to be dancing angels but to me always seems more akin to dancing prawns!!


Day 6

deans blog 6 1

Call at Leigh with its wonderful Tom Denny window


deans blog 6 2

Nice weather for ducks they say - but not for walking...!


deans blog 6 3

Another river to cross - this time the Teme at Bransford


deans blog 6 4

Arrived at last - and staying with good friends Jenny and Evan Sawyer at Brockhampton


deans blog 6 5

Alfrick - superb 17th century glass with blossom outside. Richard and Annette were cleaning the church and very kindly asked me to their home at the top of Crews Hill for a welcome cuppa when I had made the ascent!


deans blog 6 6

Start the day at Worcester Cathedral with Eucharist and seen here after the service with Dean Peter and Precentor Michael


deans blog 7 2

...and its superb 17th century tombs...


deans blog 7 3

...getting there...


deans blog 7 4

At Linley Green an appropriately names house for today - it simply hasn't stopped raining all day...


Day 7

deans blog 8 1

I set off on the final day from Brockhampton, seen off by our friends Jenny and Evan Sawyer, who scooped me up on arrival last evening - soaked through, gave me a wonderful supper and got me ready for the last leg of the journey!


deans blog 8 2

First stop: St Peter, Bromyard


deans blog 8 3

Primroses and violets abound on the lane from Bromyard to Pencombe


deans blog 8 5

In Pencombe Church a rather touching inscription - a young man who died in the 1830s while exploring the interior of Africa... makes my jaunt around the Three Choirs cathedrals appear quite small beer!


deans blog 8 6

Arrive at Bodenham and Pete and Jo Beavan make me very welcome and give me lunch


deans blog 8 7

We're joined by more walkers from Bodenham for the walk to Marden


deans blog 8 8

A walk through the woods...


deans blog 8 9

...and arrival at Marden...


deans blog 8 4

Marden Church and we're on home ground as the last part of the journey is the familiar pilgrimage route from Marden to Hereford, in the steps of our own patron saint, St Ethelbert, King and Martyr. Ethelbert died at Marden in 794 at the hands of King Offa of Mercia and Hereford Cathedral is dedicated in his honour.


deans blog 8 10

Home at last! And ending at the poppies, where I began 6 days and 90 miles ago! Gill and Jules Atkins there to welcome me and I then returned to the Deanery for a welcome cup of tea!

So many people to thank - all who supported me with sponsorship - final figure yet to be known but it's well over £3,000 - so warmest thanks to all for kindness and generosity - it will be a huge help to the Three Choirs Festival and SHYPP.

Thanks to all who welcomed me into their homes and gave me hospitality.

Thanks to Phoebe, Abby and Clare for picking up the blog each day and putting it on the website and Facebook.

Thanks to those who walked with me on sections of the route and were my fellow pilgrims.

Thanks to all who prayed me around the route - I felt that support!

Thanks to Tim who fetched and carried me!

Thanks to Gill and Julie for their admin back up.

Thanks to my colleagues back at the cathedral, who gave me the space to do this and who supported me in this endeavour.

Now we look forward to the Three Choirs Festival - it's a great institution and I'm delighted to have been some small support to it - and to have been given the excuse to walk between three wonderful cathedrals!

Thanks to you all!