Matthew Schellhorn: Howells's Piano Music

30/07/2021 11:00am

RGS Worcester


Matthew Schellhorn piano

Howells To a Wild Flower 3'
Howells Melody 3'
Howells Meadow-Rest and Near Midnight from Summer Idylls 10'
Howells Harlequin Dreaming (premiere) 4'
Howells Once Upon a Time 10’
Howells Phantasy (premiere) 5'
Martin Bussey new work (premiere) 6’
Howells Finzi: His Rest 5'
Howells Siciliana 4'
Howells Comme le cerf soupire… 6'
Howells Petrus Suite (premiere) 18'

Herbert Howells’s distinctly unique talent for combining a smooth, lyrical melodic line with vivid harmony has only rarely been heard in the medium of piano music. This programme, packed with posthumous premieres, presents undiscovered gems showing the composer’s genius in a new light, and includes a commission from Martin Bussey, paying tribute to Howells.

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RGS Worcester

Upper Tything

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