About Nature Sings

Credit: Cover art by Matt Savidge @ Studio Savidge


G Holst The Autumn is Old; Clouds o’er the Summer Sky
As Torrents in Summer
A New Year Carol
Russell Hepplewhite
Earth; Air; Fire; Water from Everything
The Owls
Flanders and Swann
The Hippopotamus Song
Bob Chilcott
Be Cool from Green Songs
Peter O’Hare
The River
Hush, Nightingale from The Crown of the Year
movements from The Four Seasons


Choir and String Orchestra formed of members of the Worcestershire community
String Players from the Philharmonia Orchestra
Simon Taranczuk conductor
Glyn Oxley conductor

Celebrate the culmination of the festival’s 2024 participation project, Nature Sings, in this inspiring showcase event. Choirs and string players from the Worcestershire community, alongside Philharmonia Orchestra players, perform the music they have learned through the project, including a special arrangement of Vivaldi’s well-loved The Four Seasons. Watch as over 200 participants of all ages take to the stage to bring this exciting project to a shining finish.

Nature Sings supported by the Eveson Trust