We welcome all visitors to the festival and pride ourselves on being able to assist with access requirements wherever possible, across a wide range of venues in all three festival cities and beyond. Once the full festival programme for 2023 has been launched, our Access Information Pack covering all the venues being used during the festival will be available here, and information will also be available on the venue pages, accessed via What’s On.

Self-identify and Help us to Help You

It will help us to help you with your booking if you can let us know about your access requirements in advance of placing your order. You can do this either by giving us a call in the ticket office on 01452 768928 (Monday-Friday 10am until 4pm), or by logging onto your online account. Instructions for self-identifying your access requirements online are downloadable by clicking here.

If you would rather talk to us about your requirements at the time of booking that is fine, and we can make sure that the necessary information is passed onto our front of house team so that they can help you.

Essential Companion Discount

Customers who identify as having access requirements and needing an essential companion to be able to attend the festival will be offered a free essential companion ticket.

If your access needs require you to attend the festival with more than one essential companion, or you have any questions regarding booking this concession, please contact the ticket office.

If you are booking using this offer for the first time, please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and set you up with the facility to be able to book these tickets online. You can also self-identify by logging into your online account and following the instructions downloadable here.

Car Parking

Each year, several festival venues have parking available for blue badge holders, including the Cathedral in each city. If you require a parking space, you can request it through the ticket office when placing your ticket order. Please be ready to provide your blue badge number and the registration number of the car you will bringing, as both will be needed for you to claim your parking space.

Details of which venues have this facility, and arrangements for venues without their own car park, can be found by downloading our Access Information Pack.

It will also be possible to book a space through the website as part of your online booking journey. Please contact us and we can set this facility up for you. You can also self-identify as a blue badge holder by logging into your online account and following the instructions downloadable here. Simply tick to say, ‘I am a blue badge holder’ and you will have the access to book your car parking online.

Wheelchair Users

All of our venues, including those that have unreserved seating, have designated wheelchair spaces in all price bands. Please state at the time of booking if you require one of these spaces or if you would prefer to transfer to a normal seat.

If you require a wheelchair space, we would love to show you how to book them online yourself. Please contact us so that we can set this function up for you and provide some simple instructions.

If you already have the online booking facility set up on your account and you need a quick reminder about how to book, you can download instructions by clicking here.

Visually and Hearing Impaired

If you are D/deaf or suffer from a hearing impairment, or you are blind or partially sighted, please let us know when placing your ticket order so that we can assist you with your requirements.

All three Cathedrals have hearing loops, as do some of the venues we use for our daytime programme. Details can be found by downloading our Access Information Pack.

Assistance dogs are very welcome at all festival performances but please inform us at the time of booking so that we can make sure we allocate you suitable seats.

If you require a large print copy of the festival brochure, please contact the ticket office.