About The Carice Singers: Midnight Sun

Credit: Carice Singers


The Carice Singers
George Parris conductor


Ben Nobuto Sol 7'
Effy Efthymiou Crazed Moon 6'
Joe Duddell Ode to English 5'
Tippett Plebs angelica 5'
Robert Crehan THINGS AS... 7'
Martland Summer Rounds 15'
Claire Victoria Roberts Interlude 3 4'
Walton Cantico del Sole 6

Acclaimed for their distinctive sound and captivating repertoire, The Carice Singers showcase vibrantly unconventional voices of British music past and present, drawing on imagery from the natural world, with Steve Martland’s brilliant and joyful Summer Rounds at the heart of the programme. Evoking moon and stars, river and rain, be thrilled by the extraordinary beauty and imagination today’s composers offer to vocal ensembles.

Performance of Summer Rounds supported by the Francis Routh Trust