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  1. Gloucester 2023 - Composer Profile - Liz Lane

    8 March 2023
    Composer, arranger and educator Liz Lane is next in our featured composers of the Gloucester 2023 Festival
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  2. Gloucester 2023 - Composer Profile - Randall Svane

    2 March 2023
    American composer Randall Svane (b.1955) is the next featured composer of our 2023 Gloucester festival.
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  3. Gloucester 2023 - Composer Profile - Francis Pott

    7 February 2023
    Francis Pott (B.1957) is the third of our featured composer profiles for the Gloucester 2023 festival.
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  4. Gloucester 2023 - Composer Profile - Eleanor Alberga

    30 January 2023
    British Jamaican composer Eleanor Alberga OBE (B.1949) is the second of our featured composer profiles for the Gloucester 2023 festival.
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  5. Gloucester 2023 - Composer Profile - Graham Fitkin

    23 January 2023
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  6. Gloucester 2023 - Composer Profile - Gavin Higgins

    11 January 2023
    Gloucestershire-born composer Gavin Higgins (b.1983) is our fourth featured composer profile for the Gloucester 2023 festival.
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  7. A photograph of the ORA singers in concert.

    ORA Singers joins with the Three Choirs Festival to support state-school composers

    20 December 2022
    Applications are now open for the 2023 Young Composers programme, the pioneering mentoring scheme run by the award-winning ensemble, ORA Singers.
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  8. A queue of festival-goers outside Hereford Cathedral

    Three Choirs Festival Announces Two New Trustee Appointments Looking to the Future of the Festival

    8 December 2022
    The Three Choirs Festival has appointed two new trustees to join the Board of Directors in December 2022.
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  9. Congratulations to Allen Prior - RVW 150 Walks

    28 November 2022
    Over the last few weeks, Allen Prior has walked 150 miles to raise funds for the Three Choirs Festival and its celebration of RVW150.
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  10. A photo of a red poppy against a darkened background.

    Remembrance 2022

    11 November 2022
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  11. An image of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

    Black History Month 2022 - Celebrating Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

    20 October 2022
    The Three Choirs Festival celebrates Black history month by remembering the impact of composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, and his impact in the world of composition.
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  12. Artist draws in a classroom

    The Three Choirs Festival invites YOU to participate in our exciting new Arts project

    11 October 2022
    We are celebrating the 150th birthday of famous English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, and we want you to join us – and show the world what your community is about.
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