Ben Cooper

Ben became Worcester City Chair in 2018. Although well known for his life in antiques, he has always been passionate about music and singing. Born and bred in Worcestershire, Ben was educated in Malvern where he studied piano, bassoon and singing. In his time at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, whilst studying History of Art, he made sure that music stayed prominent in his life by joining the University Chamber Choir. Following University, Ben began his professional life working at Sotheby’s, and then in 2000 set up his own business dealing in antiques. Whilst being very busy with work, exhibiting at or organising antiques fairs, as well as filming for BBC1 show Bargain Hunt, Ben has continued singing. Now, as Worcester City Chair, he says it’s a wonderful way to give something back. “Music is a passion, and being a small cog in the enormous wheel that makes the Three Choirs Festival is an honour and a privilege.”