About GBSR Duo

Credit: Dejan Mrdja


L Andriessen The Memory of Roses 5'
Barbara Monk Feldman Duo for Piano and Percussion 14'
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou The Garden of Gethsemane 4'
Luke Lewis
new work 8' festival commission, premiere
L Andriessen Deuxième chorale 2'
Lucio Tasca
D.S.F.C. (unison) 13'
Cassandra Miller
Sinner, please 3'
Martland arr. GBSR Mr Anderson’s Pavane 8' version premiere

Memory, looking back to older music and hints of Baroque style are at the heart of this mesmerising programme from this electrifying percussion and piano duo. Works by Andriessen and Tasca depict lightness and fragility that contrasts with the brash colour of Martland’s pavane, whose style in turn is celebrated by Luke Lewis in his new work written for the festival. This recital by two of the UK’s finest young chamber instrumentalists promises to be an exhilarating end to the evening.

Performance of Mr Anderson’s Pavane supported by the Francis Routh Trust