American Friends

Created in 2014, The American Friends of the Three Choirs Festival was established to expand festival audiences, support the work of the festival, publicize its activities, and provide sponsorship for its work. The American Friends is a registered Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 non-profit organization and contributions to it are tax-deductible.

Who we are

The American Friends encompass individuals from across America: singers, retirees, church musicians, educators, choral evensong enthusiasts and those who desire musical or spiritual renewal. Each of us shares a love of music, an appreciation of England, and a desire to meet like-minded individuals.

Why make the trip?

American attendees tell us they love three things about the Three Choirs Festival: the music, the space in which it’s performed and the communities where the festival resides.

Musically, the festival offers audiences a sonically unique experience. Imagine hearing masterworks performed by the 250+ combined forces of the cathedral choirs of Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford, the 150-voice Festival Chorus, soloists and the Philharmonia Orchestra (in residence for the week).

American symphonic subscribers may hear music of this magnitude every few years – each summer the Three Choirs Festival presents several of these concerts during one week.

In addition to large-scale choral and orchestral works, there are more than 50 other musical and cultural events during the festival. Choral evensongs, chamber music concerts, and organ recitals provide audiences with a variety of musical offerings.

Where the music happens

The festival is hosted on a 3-year cycle in either Gloucester, Worcester or Hereford Cathedrals. American audiences delight in attending concerts in venues that have served as cultural and musical centers for millennia. Additional venues, ranging from candlelit monastic spaces to grand Victorian shire halls, are equally as interesting.

American Friends Reception

Credit: James O'Driscoll and Dale Hodgetts 2022

How To Become an American Friend of the Three Choirs Festival

Please contact

Rich Arenschieldt

Chairman, The American Friends of the Three Choirs Festival

Phone (USA): 713.628.2958

Robert Convey

Head of Development and Sales, Three Choirs Festival

The American Friends of the Three Choirs Festival is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with United State IRS Code section 170.

Benefits of Joining the American Friends

Priority Ticketing

Tickets to festival concerts (especially larger evening events in the cathedral) sell out quickly. Membership of the American Friends assures you priority premium seating and enables you to purchase tickets in advance of sales to the general public.


Given the size of each cathedral city, finding suitable accommodation can be challenging. To assist overseas visitors, we are in touch with full service hotels, finding medium priced venues that meet “3 star” American standards. Accommodation is often available to American Friends at a reduced group price.

Access to “Invitation Only” Events

Americans will receive an invitation to our annual “Friends Reception,” the most popular bi-national gathering of the week, always held in a very interesting location. Several other receptions and a special outing are held throughout the week for those Americans who support the festival.

What we ask

Simply put…“Won’t you join us for this summer’s festival?”

The American Friends are committed to encouraging others in the USA to attend all or part of this amazing musical week.

What Does Membership of the American Friends Cost?

Single Membership $100 (Annually)

Joint Membership $150 (Annually)