News Story

The Three Choirs Festival has made several changes to the Board of Directors over recent months, including the appointment of new trustees and the retirement of longstanding members of the board. Christopher Barron retires from the board after being a much-valued source of knowledge and advice for the last eight years, most recently as Vice Chair. The board and staff team would like to thank him for his work and commitment over the years. David McKee also steps down from the board but remains involved with the festival through his position on the Gloucester City Committee.

Two new trustees have been appointed, with the board welcoming Tenebrae’s Alexandra Davies, and former Three Choirs Festival employee September Turner. Charles Woodd was also appointed as Treasurer in the last year. The position of Vice Chair has now been filled by Alison Marlow, who has previously served as a Member-Elected trustee and has supported the festival for many years.

Naomi Belshaw, Three Choirs Festival Chair, said: ‘I am delighted to announce the appointment of Alexandra Davies and September Turner to the Board of Directors at the Three Choirs Festival. I am thrilled to be working alongside them and for the board to gain valuable insights from their knowledge and experience as we look to the future. I also want to extend a heartfelt thanks to Chris Barron as he steps down from the board. Chris has been such an asset and fountain of knowledge for the organisation for almost a decade.’

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Photo: Dale Hodgetts