Festival Firsts FAQs

We'd like to help your visit go well, especially if it's your first time coming to the festival. Here's some helpful information and answers to common questions we are asked by first-time festival goers:


What happens if I arrive late or need to leave during a concert?

We understand. If you arrive late, speak to one of our ushers on the door. They'll help you get to your seat at an appropriate break and will also help you leave if you need to at any point during the concert.

Can I eat and drink in the concert, and is there anywhere I can buy food?

You are able to eat and drink outside the venue during the interval, but we would ask you not to eat during the concert as this can be distracting for artists and other audience members.

A range of food is available to buy from our Festival Village for you to enjoy before and after concerts, as well as our bar where you can collect pre-ordered interval drinks.

Can I take photos?

Many festival goers highlight the unique atmosphere of attending a concert in a beautiful cathedral. You're welcome to take photos before the concert starts, but please don't photograph or record the actual performance. It's distracting to artists and other audience members. Our staff do keep an eye out and will ask you to stop, so please resist the temptation.

What should I wear to the concert?

Some people still like to dress up for concerts, but if your style is more jeans and trainers, then that's fine too. The important thing is to be comfortable. The cathedral can get hot during concerts, so do plan for this.

How long will the concert last?

Every concert is different. The ticket office can let you know the details for the concert you're attending before you arrive, and at the festival the approximate end time for each concert is in the festival programme book.

Do I need to buy a programme book?

It’s completely up to you! Our large programme book covers the whole festival week and has the details of each concert, including song words, and lots of information about pieces and composers. It’s really beautiful and is a lovely souvenir of the festival. If you are only coming to a few festival events, you may prefer to buy a day programme, which includes all the information from that day’s section of the large programme book.

Where can I put my coat?

Please keep personal items to an absolute minimum. Coats, bags and personal belongings will need to stay with you as we don’t have a cloakroom, so only bring a small bag. Large bags won't be allowed into the venue. A member of staff may carry out a contactless bag check on anything you bring in, asking you to show the contents clearly. They may ask you to remove items from your bag to assist with this.